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This full featured turret includes an integrated gearbox, absolute encoder, and heavy duty bearing driven by a HTD-5M 15mm wide belt.  The turret requires a 775 series motor, either a 775pro from Vex/WCP or a Redline from AndyMark.  The total ratio from motor to the turret output is approximately 462:1 giving a free speed of 243 degrees per second (775pro) or 272 degrees per second (Redline).  Gearbox plates are black anodized 7075-T6 aluminum.  The absolute encoder has an exact ratio of 1:1 with the turret output and comes in the option for digital with 10 pin connector or analog with a 3 pin header.  The digital encoder does not currently work with the Talon SRX build in PID libraries.  The weight is 6.7lb including attachment hardware and 775 motor.

Option for using a NEO550 Motor.  Free speed of turret for this motor is 143 degrees per second.  To interface with the Spark Max controller data port, pick analog for the sensor option.

Outline Drawing

Installation Instructions

Solidmodel - 775 Motor

Solidmodel - NEO550 Motor

Encoder Board Datasheet

MAG Encoder Solidmodel Top

MAG Encoder Solidmodel Bottom

Digital / Analog MAG Encoder